Portability in the Global Early Middle Ages: Production and Networks

1-2 May, 2020

This workshop will address an often overlooked yet crucial aspect of the development of the early medieval economy: the interplay of patterns of production and consumption of commodities. By examining the evidence of both production and distribution of a variety of luxury goods from the interconnected societies from Western Europe to China, this series of papers seeks to advance our knowledge of how non-agricultural production set the stage for the development of medieval trade networks. The day will be structured around four categories of goods that reflect the global nature of supply chains and demand in the early Middle Ages: silk, non-silk textiles, jewellery and scents, and objects of display. Papers on the first day will be followed by a discussion on the second on formulating new methodological approaches to material studies that will allow greater understanding of the role of production in the formation of medieval exchange networks.

The workshop will take place in the Arts Building Seminar Room 1, May 1st-2nd, 2020, at the University of St. Andrews. To register, email Anna Kelley at ack20@st-andrews.ac.uk

Poster: Portability in the Global Early Middle Ages

Programme: Portability in the Global Early Middle Ages Programme

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